Immersive Sound

Flower of Sound offers immersive sound experiences with a transformative effect. We are inspired by the power of pure frequencies and different sound healing techniques. Our aim is to transform these sounds and techniques into an optimal listening experience while at the same time we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in them both in real life and virtual. All experiences are designed to stimulate your brain, body, energy system and soul. So the healing powers are amplified. We seek to not only to give you an experience but to offer you a transformation.

All our compositions for Flower of Sound are based on pure tones and frequencies. We keep doing research to create the best effect for you and to amplify the effects of the frequencies. We are based in sound design so we use technology to create our compositions from spatial audio to binaural beats but also ancient techniques like toning and harmonics. As all modern music is tuned to 440 Hertz we decided to go back to the old tuning 432 because it gives you a better experience in your body and mind.

Our music is available in Stereo, Dolby Atmos and Binaural (for headphones).