Immersive Experiences

Immerse yourself in the (live) sound showers of Flower of Sound and experience the sound and colour frequencies of Breakthrough, Change, Communication, Clarity, Creativity, Awareness and Inner Peace. We offer different real life experiences like Live Sound Showers, Immersive Garden and Immersive Room. 

Immersive room 
When you have a physical space you can use our Flower of Sound software to create an immersive room. We offer different options from very simple to more elaborate depending on your technical desires, size of the room and prime objective. Special designed hexagon shaped lights flow with our colour frequencies while you can immerse yourself in our specially composed sound scapes based on our frequency research. You can select which colours and frequencies you want to use for the change in energy you are looking for. At the beginning of june 2019 the first one will open in The Netherlands at Seats2meet Amersfoort cs a meeting and co-workspace location. 

Our software is optimised to give your clients a transformation and help them to relax, grow, be more creative depending on the frequency you want to use. You can use it during meetings to boost focus and creativity or Yoga sessions to bring everyone in an optimal state or enhance breathing sessions. The frequencies are pure and help your customers or clients to reach an optimal state. 

    All immersive rooms consist of the following elements:
  • A console (touchscreen) with the Flower of Sound app. 
  • A remote control for the app.
  • Lights in multiplies of 3 hexagons
  • Speakers plus subwoofer for the optimal sound effect

With the software you control both light and music. You can choose the desired frequency, the volume, which of the 3 sound waves within the frequency you want to hear most, and the intensity of the light. 

Depending on your wishes all the technical equipment (speakers and lights) can be both basic as high end. We will advice you which ones are most suitable and have the most effect. Our software can work with most systems.

For every immersive room we compose original music based on the frequencies for life. On request we can also use other frequencies as the chakra frequencies, the frequency of the earth etc as long as they are pure and effective frequencies. 

Sound Showers / Life performances
Our roots lay in sound design and creating DJ-sets. We create special ambient and relaxing DJ-sets for festivals and clubs with a deeper meaning. In the DJ-set we incorporate our frequencies as in the light show the matching colours. We do life performances both in intimate spaces as in bigger set ups. 

VR App
Soon to come we will offer our VR-app. This app offers dreamy super realistic landscapes matched with all the frequencies and colours for an optimal experience. Instant meditation and relaxation while the frequencies work on you.